Payton "Diggon"

calendar_today20 y/o
cakeaug 21
location_onalbany, ny
moodvery evil

Hi hi! My name is diggon AKA payton AKA YOUR WORST NIGHTMARE.

I grew up in South Carolina but recently moved up to New York (not the city). I'm just tryna live my life, make memories, meet friends, and create cool stuff.

Some of my favorite activities are making youtube videos and animating ... but I like to branch out a little bit too. Get creative in all sorts of ways! Isn't that awesome?

I've experimented with game development and music creation, and now I'm making this website up from scratch! I think I just like the act of creating stuff, generally. Doesn't really matter what it is.

I aspire to keep getting better at my hobbies in order to achieve all the stuff I want to do in the short and long-term. I have a lot of ideas for youtube videos, animated shorts, and video games that I would love to accomplish at some point...

Usually, I don't really consider or think in terms of like... "career goals" or anything like that. But if, at some point, I could live solely off of my creative stuff then that would be really really awesome! I'm gonna try to get a job in animation, but in the meantime, feel free to commission me or whatever, if you want. I hate working and can't really picture myself doing any "normal job" for very long.

anyways... erm...

Have fun interacting with the stuff that I post online! My DMs on everything are open and I'm always down to chat :)